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​We take care of all aspects of the mobility. Accommodation, transfers, transports , meals,  practice/training program, cultural and linguistic program and additional activities that will contribute to the self-learning of the group.


We have been working with mobilities for vocational schools for several years now and we are proud of had mentoring more then 300 participants under several Programs like Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig or Erasmus in all areas of knowledge.


In a World that is changing everyday the knowledge is compulsory and a way of achieving!

The societies are facing changes and different challenges, then a good education is definitly a must for all youngsters!


Our Organization will support you in all steps needed to do the application and to be successful on it. You can read some information of how to apply and for further informations you can also contact us via e-mail or telephone.


“Generally speaking we are very pleased for all the work that has been done for us from our teachers and host organization.”  "...we improve our skills in informatics and we learn a new language...".

by Poursa Giannis, Greek student


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