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Erasmus +

Erasmus + programme
Leonardo da Vinci



We help you on all the development of a Leonardo da Vinci Project since the beginning.

Inside Leonardo da Vinci Mobilities you will be able to apply:

- IVT Initial Vocational Training;

- PLM People on the Labour Market;

- VETPRO For Professionals of Vocational Education.

Apart the mobilities there are other Leonardo projects that can be implemented.



The Grundtvig programme supports individuals and organisations involved in non-vocational adult education to participate in European training activities and projects.





Nowadays it is possible also for you to do practice in a company or organization under Erasmus.

Mainly focused in graduated students.


“This mobility in Portugal completelly change me from all perspectives. We are used to be overprotected by our families and to have everything done without big worries and that doesn`t really prepare us for real life. In Portugal during the 4 weeks of practice I had the opportunity to share a flat with my colleagues, be responsible for cooking my food, organize my daily life and be responsible to arrive everyday on time on the work. Also I understood the difference between a job and a work and how motivated we must be in order to grow as professionals. I show many interest and my colleagues at work teach me a lot. By that was a good experience that I will remember always. In addition Portugal is wonderful country with really nice weather.”

Rodrigo Sanchez, Student, Spain

I am happy that I could participate project Leonardo da Vinci in Portugal. This project can prepare you for your life. I traveled about 2800 kilometres to see Portugal country and try to be part of some job. I learned a lot of things here like that I must be self-sustaining and responsible for my self, how to do presentations in Prezi, because Powerpoint is little bit boring. I practised English too, because usually you don’t have chance to speak with somebody in English. My colleagues were kind and helped me everytime I ned it. I realized that Portugal is really nice country with good weather. I really enjoyed everyday here, but the most beautiful day was when we saw the ocean. It was really good experience and I can recommend it to everybody.

Filip Března, Student, Czech Republic

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