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We take care of all mobilities since beginning and we are proud to offer very good practices and training programs to our participants and trainees. It is always done according with their profile and field of study or area of interest.


​Feel like at home!


Our objective is that all our participants and beneficiaries enjoy their mobility and for that everything starts in a good accommodation with everything they may need during the entire stay and with a pleasent environment.

Our participants stay in completelly furnished flats, residences or hotels, according with their characteristics and budget available. The accommodation is in the Lisbon region in cities such as Montijo, Alcochete, Setúbal or Lisbon. Always in city centre and near the main facilities of the city and public transportation.

The participants stay in single, double or triple rooms!

Work Experience / Practice

Training program according with the field of study and area of interest.


One of our main aims is to develop the skills and allow our beneficiaries to put in practice all the knowledge aquired during their studies! For that it is important for us to understand the real needs and expectations of the participants in order to ensure a good practice while abroad and a future good integration in the competitive job market.

Our participants can do their practice in certified practical training centres and/or in companies. The language barriers are always taken into consideration and all program is developed in straight cooperation with sending organization.

Linguistic and Cultural Program

Introduction to Portuguese and Cultural Trips


The language can be a big barrier while doing a mobility abroad. For that reason we organize linguistic courses to all our benefeciaries and participants. With this our participants have an introduction to the Portuguese language in which they learn important words and sentences which will allow them to feel more integrated in the Portuguese society and to communicate with Portuguese people while doing their practice.

Portugal a small country with a huge diversity at all levels. EPD organizes several cultural trips where participants can taste the diversity of Portugal, see different monuments and patrimony, taste different food and feel the sun that shines all Year around!


Administration, transfers, transports and additional activities


EPD is responsible for the tutoring of participants during the entire stay. We assure and help you in all paper work during application time, implementation of the project and closing of it.

There is a emergency contact for some imprevisible thing that can happen.

Transports and transfers are also assured. According with the program and activities planned EPD team will planify the best transportation for the group of participants (public transports, mini-van or mini-bus).

Additional activities are all the time planned by the EPD team in order to assure that the participants are always occupied and can enjoy the stay in our country!



Detailed tasks done by EPD - European Projects Development during the implementation of a mobility:

  • reception of the participants at their point of arrival
  • organisation of meetings and debates with and for experts (according with the program of activities proposed by us)
  • organisation of a study and visiting program for experts (according with the program of activities proposed by us)
  •  24h emergency phone
  • issuing of certificates 
  • supervision and mentoring service for the participants
  • arrangement of accommodation and meals as required
  • organisation of local transport as required
  • arrangement technical visits and cultural excursions as required
  • all services are in consistency with the quality commitment
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