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Our Projects are developed in straight cooperation with all our partners since the beginning.

Different mobilities are developed by us. For students, people on the labour market or professionals.

Acoording with the objectives of the program we can develop practice for students/people on the labour market in training centres or companies. It is also possible to develop technical visits according with the profile of the participants everytime it is asked by the sending organization.

For the experts we develop technical visits to institutions or organizations on their field or to specific areas of interest or knowledge.

Here some examples of the fields we work with:


“... the presentation from the director of PT Foundation, which was very interesting, enlightening and mostly friendly with a paternal aura which had a great impact in the students...”

Kalaitzi Chrysanthi, Accompanying Teacher

“It is a unique experience for us that took part in this program.”

Mirena Kamperi, Student

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